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Purchasing/Pricing for a Restaurant POS System or Handheld POS System

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Some Questions to Consider Before You Buy:

  • How old (in terms of technology) is the POS hardware that they are offering?
  • Can the POS hardware be upgraded in the future?
  • Can I upgrade from Touchscreen POS to Handheld POS?
  • Do they offer depot service?
  • Can I buy used POS equipment with a warranty?
  • Do I want to buy name brand POS equipment?
  • Do I need to have POS hardware and software support? If I don't, what happens?
  • Can I have free POS software upgrades after the first year?
  • Do they offer proven, stable restaurant POS applications?
  • How many hours do they offer (in writing) for on-site training and live support?


1. File Server if needed $1,000 TO $2,000
2. Integrated PC & Touch Screen $2,000 TO $4,000
3. 14" Touch Screen & PC (W/S) $1,300 TO $1,900
4. 12" Flat Panel Touch Screen& PC(W/S) $1,800 TO $2,500
5. Printer $300 TO $700
6. Magnetic Card Reader $110 TO $200
7. Cash Drawer $160 TO $260
8. POS Software for 1 Terminal $500 & UP
9. Time & Attendance FREE TO $500
10. Scheduling FREE TO $1,200
11. Credit Card Authorization $600 TO $1,800
12. Inventory FREE TO $4,000
13. Frequent Dining/Delivery FREE TO $1,500
14 Handheld/Wireless $1,500 & UP
File Server:
A file server is a main computer which runs the restaurant POS software and stores totals related to restaurant sales and operations. Many configurations feature a dedicated file server that does not function as a point-of-sale terminal by itself; its sole function is to run the software for the system's terminals. However, some systems allow the file server to be a POS terminal in smaller configurations typically featuring 2-3 client terminals.

Integrated PC and Touchscreen:
This is a point-of-sales unit featuring all-in-one design, meaning that the touchscreen and computer are contained within a single housing.

14" Touchscreen and PC:
This type of workstation features a processing unit and separate monitor which are joined by cables. The 14" screen physically resembles a typical computer monitor in size and appearance.

12" Flat Panel Touchscreen and PC:
This configuration also features a separate processing unit and monitor. However, the Flat Panel LCD screen has a much smaller footprint than the14" touchscreen mentioned previously.

Thermal and Dot-Matrix Printers:
Thermal printers are fast, quiet printers typically used as check printers. They do not require a ribbon. Dot-Matrix printers are used as kitchen and bar printers as well as check printers, and require a ribbon which must be replaced at intervals.

Magnetic Card Readers:
Necessary for credit card authorization, they can also be used for employee cards (which take the place of code numbers for using the POS), gift certificate cards, and client-retention (bonus plan) cards.

Cash Drawer:
Depending on the system, cash drawers connect either to the workstation itself or to a check printer.

POS Software:
The software itself must be licensed for the specific number of terminals being used. Additional terminals will not function unless additional software licenses are purchased along with them.




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