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Pizza/Takeout POS

Here you will find the best POS software and hardware for Pizzerias, Fast Food, and Take-Out establishments. We offer free demo software developed for pizza, pizza delivery and take-out.

Why a POS for Pizza & Take Out?

  • Because if you increase deliveries and take-out sales, your net profits will increase without adding additional personnel.
  • Your customers can use the Internet to place delivery or carry out orders-much faster than ordering by phone.
  • A re-order for a repeat customer can be completed in less than 40 seconds.
  • Pizza/Take-Out POS software enables you to estimate and track delivery times, enabling you to schedule deliveries with improved efficiency.
  • Driver dispatching allows you to track your drivers and use them more effectively.
  • The problems created by inaccurate orders are reduced.
  • You will have a better food cost and labor cost analysis.
  • You can take pizza and food orders early in the morning and have them automatically print for production at the time that you want.
  • You will have Restaurant POS Table management if required by your establishment in addition to all other capabilities of a good point of sale system.
  • The cut and wrap printer capability helps with delivery orders
  • The performance reports for the POS, delivery, ordering, server, kitchen, and drivers will enable you to have better control of your restaurant and increased productivity from your employees, creating a more efficient and profitable operation.

If you are opening a new restaurant and have limited funds, but recognize the need for a POS system at your establishment...don't wait. Consider the purchase of a used name-brand restaurant POS system or a better alternative -- a brand-new, reliable, low-cost restaurant POS system.

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