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Complete Remote Control in Real Time with the POS Store Management System


Why do you need a POS/Internet-based Security Network Camera System for your QSR, Bar or Fast Food Business?

Control, watch and analyze your QSR, Fast Food business, Bar, Restaurant, or any other hospitality business. View live, full motion video from anywhere in the world remotely and securely via the internet with the use of the Remote Access Management & Monitoring System and the IBM SurePOS 500 4846-545 or any other POS that works with the Linux operating system.

Who can benefit from use this unique, web-based video surveillance, inventory, cash control, and remote store management POS system?

  • Any Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) that wants to increase productivity, eliminate “sweet-hearting”, no-sale fraud and under-rings.
  • Any business (such as a cash bar) where management needs the peace of mind provided by a reliable, easy-to-operate POS/IP internet video camera system.
  • Any single or multiunit QSR operator who wants to view live employee time and attendance data and make labor cost comparisons with business volume at various times of the day.
  • Any QSR business who wants to view live, full motion video of their business from anywhere in the world.
  • Any business owner or manager who needs internet access to sales and inventory reports, and wants to view the interactivity of their cashiers with customers.
  • Anyone who needs to view transactions, voids, refunds, and other detailed information based on time of day, cashier, or other criteria.
  • Any cash business that can benefit from viewing live, detailed sales transactions.
  • Any quick service restaurant operator who needs to be in many places at the same time.


You don’t need to:

  • Buy a computer to video record the sales transactions of your business.
  • Buy a file server (computer) to consolidate multiple POS terminals or the CCTV video.
  • Be at the business location to read or print a sales report.Inform your employees when you are viewing their live sales transactions.
  • Change video tapes or travel to the business sites(s) to make sure that the CCTV is recording.
  • Talk with two different companies when you have questions about the POS software or the software that runs the streaming video from your business.
  • Purchase a server (computer) and cables in the back office to manage the system.

What do you need to implement the best web based POS video surveillance?

  1. You must have a broadband internet connection at your business location (DSL, Cable, Fiber, Satellite, etc.).
  2. You must have the need to save money!

If you want to see this POS System it in action, please click below to request a free demonstration or call us at (516) 770-6661.  We'll schedule a live call and show the service to you in a real store in real-time.

Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions about Remote Access Management POS Systems.


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