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Here you will find links to some of the best Bar POS, Handheld POS, and inventory liquor control systems. Remember, POS Helpdesk can help you decide between different systems and will be able to get you a discount when you are ready to make a final decision.

List of some of the essentials of a good Bar POS or Handheld POS System.

  • AccuBar software is designed to automate and simplify the tasks involved in taking inventory in your bar. To take inventory, you walk around your bar and scan the items you wish to inventory. This is possible because the handheld computer that comes with your system. You’ll also be able to enter your liquor costs, giving you a total valuation for your inventory, among many other functions.
  • A good survey of your restaurant will give you a better idea of the potential dollar savings that will be generated after you start using a Bar/Handheld POS System.
  • The Touchscreen POS, Handheld POS will track your employee productivity.
  • Interface with with CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) will give you a complete surveillance and security solution.
  • The CCTV camera will create activity alarms (Voids, No Sale, other actions).
  • POS installed at Pubs, Bars, Night Clubs will interact with the scanner for age verification.
  • You will get reports that let you know what you're selling and when.
  • You will know what products make money or lose money.
  • Nothing comes out of the bar or kitchen until it has been entered into the Bar POS.
  • Confusion is eliminated in the service bar and kitchen.
  • Reports with the average sale by each bartender and the amount of transactions.
  • Pricing and addition errors are eliminated.
  • Creates automatic calculation of tips for tax regulations compliance.
  • Missing checks are controlled.
  • Controls your inventory.
  • Interface a POS with a Liquor Control System for control of your “free-pour” and the elimination of “free drinks”.


If you are opening a new restaurant and have limited funds, but recognize the need for a POS system at your establishment...don't wait. Consider the purchase of a used name-brand restaurant POS system or a better alternative -- a brand-new, reliable, low-cost restaurant POS system.

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